25/∞ photosets of flawless namjoo 

Hyeri’s fanservice - requested by anon!

When hyorin receives a bouquet of flowers from a fan.. [x]

august mv’s

Luke’s a regular Casanova.

Sooyoung being a dork and melting my heart

jisook and jaekyung teaching the “mother’s hand” dance

get to know me meme; favorite female group: Rainbow ♥ (3/7)
Q: There are a lot of girl groups out there, What makes Rainbow different? — "Humanism. We put teamwork before anything else and our motto is ‘Let’s be able to smile at one another even after a decade has passed’. Group members are stuck together 24/7 and troubles do arise, but we want to show ourselves as one. We made a vow that we will be one on stage as well" - Jaekyung

noeul in sunshine era <3